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Viet Goods Trade: Your Trusted Supplier of Premium Frozen Sugarcane Products
Delivering Exceptional Quality and Taste Around the World, a leading producer and exporter of fresh sugarcane sticks, stands at the forefront of this refreshing revolution, bringing the essence of Vietnam to the world.

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GIAN HÀNG ĐƯỢC XÁC THỰC BỞI: itradehatinh.gov.vn
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Viet Goods Trade: Your Trusted Supplier of Premium Frozen Sugarcane Products

Delivering Exceptional Quality and Taste Around the World

Viet Goods Trade is a leading exporter of frozen sugarcane products, committed to the highest standards of quality and food safety. We supply a variety of innovative sugarcane solutions to a global clientele, meeting the demands of discerning customers in the US, Germany, France, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, and beyond.


fresh sugarcane stick in vietnam

Fresh sugarcane stick by company VIET GOODS TRADE

Unparalleled Selection of Frozen Sugarcane Products

  • Conventional Frozen Sugarcane: Fresh sugarcane, meticulously peeled, cut into convenient pieces, and flash-frozen to preserve its natural sweetness and flavor.
  • US-Market Exported Sugarcane (Buds Removed): Specially prepared sugarcane catering to US regulations, with buds removed for optimal processing and consumption.
  • Frozen Sugarcane Without Nodes: Ideal for various applications, this option features sugarcane stalks with the nodes removed for a smoother texture.
  • 100% Frozen Sugarcane Juice: Enjoy the pure essence of sugarcane in its most concentrated form. Perfect for creating delicious beverages or use as a natural sweetener.
  • Flavored Frozen Sugarcane Juice: We offer a delightful selection of frozen sugarcane juice infused with refreshing flavors like lime, passion fruit, coconut water, and pineapple water.
  • Frozen Tropical Fruits and Coconut Products: In addition to our sugarcane offerings, Viet Goods Trade supplies frozen lime juice, passion fruit juice, coconut meat, and coconut water, all sourced from Vietnam's finest regions.

frozen sugarcane stick viet goods trade

 Fresh sugarcane washed,drained,and then frozen

For more information about our frozen sugarcane products for international export, please visit our website:


Rigorous Quality Control and Certifications

At Viet Goods Trade, we prioritize food safety and quality throughout our production process. Our sugarcane is meticulously sourced from the most suitable growing regions, ensuring optimal sweetness, vibrant color, and natural flavor. We utilize state-of-the-art processing facilities to maintain the highest hygiene standards. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our certifications:

  • Food Safety Certificate
  • FDA Certificate (US Food and Drug Administration)
  • Phyto Plant Quarantine Certificate
  • C/O Certificate of Origin

frozen sugarcane stick viet goods trade

 Workers from VIET GOODS TRADE are inspecting and peeling the remaining sugarcane

Unwavering Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We understand the importance of building strong relationships with our clients. Viet Goods Trade is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service:

  • Clear Origin: We offer complete transparency regarding the origin of our sugarcane, ensuring customers receive products grown in optimal conditions.
  • Modern Production Process: Our cutting-edge technology safeguards food safety while preserving the inherent sweetness, flavor, color, and nutritional value of our sugarcane.
  • Diverse Product Selection: We cater to a wide range of customer needs with a comprehensive selection of frozen sugarcane products and tropical fruit options.
  • Competitive Prices: We strive to deliver the best possible value to our customers.
  • Professional Service: Our experienced and dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, from product selection and labeling to transportation and documentation.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our products. If you are not entirely satisfied, Viet Goods Trade offers a full refund.

fresh sugarcane stick VIET GOODS TRADE

 The sugarcane is packed in a 5-ply carton box with a nylon bag inside

High Production Capacity to Meet Your Needs

Viet Goods Trade boasts a remarkable production capacity, ensuring we can fulfill orders of any size. We are equipped to handle:

  • Frozen Sugarcane: 350 tons/month
  • Exported Frozen Sugarcane Juice: 130 tons/month
  • Frozen Tropical Fruits and Coconut Products: 100 tons/month

buds removed frozen sugarcane

Buds removed frozen sugarcane in USA

Minimum order quantities are not a barrier. We are happy to accommodate any requirement and even offer free samples to allow you to experience the exceptional quality of our products firsthand.

frozen sugarcane juice viet goods trade

Frozen sugarcane juice off VIET GOODS TRADE

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